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NodeHive Presets & Beekeeper

What is it?

Beekeeper is a way to manage “presets” which is a set of configurations for a NodeHive instance. A preset applies all defined configurations as “hard” configurations. Hard means, it’s always overwriting, nevertheless a config was set via UI. It’s a similar concept like Drupal recipes.


This is useful, because we want to provide a basic set of configurations with NodeHive Core and there is no other way to do that when updating NodeHive.

Drush commands

Install NodeHive core preset:

drush beekeeper:install
# Equivalent to the line above
drush beekeeper:install --preset=core

You can create your own presets and apply as follows:

drush beekeeper:install --preset=your_preset_name
# To apply NodeHive core preset, run
drush beekeeper:install --preset=nodehive
# To only apply NodeHive core permission preset, run
drush beekeeper:permission:install --preset=nodehive
# To only apply NodeHive core menu preset, run
drush beekeeper:menu:install --preset=nodehive
# To only apply NodeHive core drush commands preset, run
drush beekeeper:drush:install --preset=nodehive

Create a custom preset

In your custom module, create the following folders and files:

> yourmodule
> config
> beekeper
> your_preset_name (use any name you like)
> default
/{add any drupal config yml here}
> beekeeper.drush.yml
> beekeeper.permission.yml