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NodeHive Headless CMS Documentation

What is NodeHive Headless CMS?

NodeHive Logo NodeHive headless CMS is a headless composable platform that serves as your central commerce, marketing, communication and customer engagement hub. NodeHive Platform architecture NodeHive Dashboard

NodeHive Headless CMS Features

NodeHive is a easy to use Headless/Composable CMS with rich enterprise features. It’s API-first (GraphQL, JSON-Api, Rest), Open-Source and Eco-concious. Power all your frontends from one backend.

  • One Backend, Multiple Frontends
  • Flexible Content Modelling
  • Visual Editor
  • Multilingual Support
  • Content Planning & Content Workflows
  • Media Management
  • APIs
  • Rules Engine
  • Commerce Tools

Visit for vidoes and additional information.

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nodehive-js sdk

Learn more about the JavaScript SDK so integrate NodeHive in your frontend.